Neighbourhood Network Changes

In 2016, Ocean View launched the first “neighbours helping neighbours” program in Canada based on the “village movement” in the USA. We believed our Neighbourhood Network would be a great support to those wanting to age well at home, and more than 250 members of our community have since benefited from membership.

The face and focus of the program has shifted more than once over the past three years, to try to deliver well on all of its offerings. Despite these efforts, the Network has faced challenges, including splitting time and resources between delivering direct services to members (such as Lifestyle Assistance/In-Home Support, Foot Care, Ride Program); planning social events; and coordinating access to vetted, discounted vendors.

We have also learned in this time that many Nova Scotians still rely on government funded or subsidized services to help them age well. Unfortunately, despite our requests, the Neighbourhood Network did not have Government support or subsidies.

We have carefully assessed the Neighbourhood Network and have made the very difficult decision to direct our efforts, moving forward, to specific offerings where we have seen our time and talents make the greatest difference: Lifestyle Assistance/In-Home Support, Foot Care, and Ride Program.

Unfortunately, this decision does mean the Neighbourhood Network will cease to exist, effective June 30th, 2019. A letter outlining what this means in detail has been sent to each Neighbourhood Network member and vendor directly.

Moving forward, the best available rate for our direct services, including Lifestyle Assistance/In-Home Support, Foot Care, and Ride Program, will be available to all members of our community, no membership needed. Although those taking advantage of our direct services will no longer be considered “members”, we still consider each of our community clients a part of our Ocean View community and will take advantage of opportunities to connect, and to support all in aging well at home through our direct services.

Have questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our team at 902-465-6020 ext. 2305.