J-RO EZ Rest


The J-RO EZ Rest is used to keep clients comfortably lying on their side at a 90 degree angle, eliminating the need to physically support the client while providing care.

  • Reduces the risk of caregiver injury
  • Comfortable for clients to use
  • Unique design prevents
    sliding on regular and bed repositioning sheets

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J-RO EZ Rest Highlights


Client Benefits

  • Maintains 90 degree side-lying position
  • Comfortable surface to lie on while receiving care
  • Less upsetting for clients who find it difficult to receive care

Caregiver Benefits

  • Creates optimal access to perform care
  • Ideal for clients who are unable to support themselves on their side
  • Increased safety when working with aggressive clients
  • Reduces the strain and effort required to reposition clients on their side, therefore decreasing strain on caregiver’s wrist, shoulders, back and related muscles
  • Reduces the frequency of repositioning required to provide care
  • Simple to use
  • Easily accessible and transportable
  • Easy to clean


J-RO EZ Rest Instructional Video

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J-RO EZ Rest Details

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 50.8 × 38.1 × 30.48 in


  • Polyurethane foam
  • Water-resistant cover
  • Anti-slip bottom and side

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Want to learn more? Contact us at ezrest@oceanv.ca  today!

J-RO EZ Rest Testimonials

“The J-RO EZ Rest was trialed for a resident that was very aggressive with care in bed… Staff were amazed at the fact that it was such an easy and effective tool to use to aid her to stay on her side... Her care is so much easier for both her and the staff using the EZ Rest.”
Rhonda Mason, Director of Care, Maritime Odd Fellow's Home
“We have 2 here at Harbourstone and staff really like them... for positioning and side lying for heavier residents when care is being performed and to aid with offloading for pressure management.”
Ben Boutilier, Occupational Therapist, Harbourstone and Celtic Court Enhanced CAre
“The J-RO EZ Rest is a well-designed, practical tool for a variety of care activities. It’s an excellent tool for health care environments, helping to keep care workers safe and those receiving care comfortable.”
Chris Spinney, Certified Professional Ergonomist & WCB Workplace Consultant, WCB-NS
"I find it very helpful. I use it often, depending on which residents I am caring for. One gentleman in particular is a bigger guy, and hard to keep on his side. The EZ Rest makes care for him so much easier."
Staff Caregiver, Ocean View Continuing Care Centre
"I really like the EZ Rest. It keeps me on my side so staff have both hands free to complete the care. I find it saves time, and is much less of a hassle for staff. I think it is a huge benefit to staff."