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Why is Proper Foot Care Important?

Proper foot care becomes necessary as we age to ensure appropriate circulation and good foot health, as our feet start to succumb to years of strain and stress. It is recommended that we all have regular foot care treatment as we age, but it is especially important for those with diabetes and vascular disorders.

“You enjoy everything so much more when you’re healthy!”
– Mildred, Ocean View Foot Care client

Our Foot Care Services

Ocean View’s qualified foot care nurses, have advanced training and education, as well as a passion for helping, and hands-on experience working with local seniors!

They will meet with you to provide an initial assessment to determine the tailored services you need. These could include nail filing and trimming, sensitivity testing, and reduce corns and callouses.

Services are available at our Foot Care clinic at 133 Baker Drive, the main Ocean View Home (1909 Caldwell Road) and in-home throughout Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage, and Halifax peninsula. Day & evening appointments are available.

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As a social enterprise, our fees are reasonable and any profits generated are directly reinvested back into the Ocean View community.

Many private insurance plans cover the cost of foot care. You can check with your provider regarding coverage, and let us know any specific requirements the provider may have when you’re booking!