Dion Mouland B.Sc DHSA MHSA


Dion Mouland

After working in mental health services for many years in a variety of frontline and management roles, Dion came to work at Ocean View in 2002 as President & CEO. He has now worked in Nova Scotia’s health system for nearly 30 years. In 2007, he was appointed to the Faculty at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Health Professions (Health Administration) and teaches a variety of courses for undergraduate and graduate students. He is also a Surveyor with Accreditation Canada and gets to travel throughout Canada to support healthcare organizations on the journey to a safer and better system of services.

At Ocean View, Dion reports directly to the Board of Directors and is accountable for overall leadership for the long term care center and all community programs and services that are part of the social enterprise. He facilitates the Executive Leadership Team and provides the support for senior and middle management to practice to their full capacity in meeting the lofty strategic directions of the Board. He is currently overseeing the shared services initiative with The Birches Nursing Home in Musquodoboit Harbour and is proud of the teams’ accomplishments during the past two years in doubling the number of clients served at Ocean View by opening community-based innovative services.

Dion believes in fostering open and positive working relationships at all levels of the organization and being the champion for quality care and services. Dion’s passion for the values of Ocean View are what he believes to be the cornerstone of the work. Ask what the values mean to him and he’ll tell you: “They are innate to me. They fit perfectly with who I am and how I want to live. I treat every client, volunteer and employee like they are my family. They are important to me and I need them to understand that I will work hard to make life better for those we are privileged to serve.”

Jacob D. Hillier HMT, SMT, C.E.M., DHSA

Senior Director of Facility & Resident Supports

Jacob D. Hillier

After working in both Acute Care and Long-Term care for many years in a variety of front line and management roles, Jacob came to work at Ocean View in 2003 as the Senior Director of Facility and Resident Supports.  He has been working in Nova Scotia’s healthcare system since 1985 and in Long Term Care continuously since 1997.

In 2005 he was elected as the President of the Special Care Emergency Preparedness Association of Nova Scotia, which is a not-for-profit association focusing on Emergency Preparedness and Management for the Continuing Care sector of the Nova Scotia Health System.  In this role, he works closely with other Long-Term Care facilities to ensure they are prepared for all emergencies making the system safer for all residents.  He also works closely with the Department of Health and Wellness, EMO NS, Department of Community Services, Office of the Fire Marshal and other stakeholders in this field.

At Ocean View, Jacob reports directly to the President & CEO and is accountable for the oversight of maintenance, environmental (cleaning), laundry, clothing services, human resources, decision supports (IT), and capital planning and capital projects. He is directly accountable for emergency preparedness and promotion of a safe environment and works closely within the management and staff teams to provide effective leadership for Ocean View. He facilitates the In-Care Living Management Team, Emergency Planning Committee, Human Capital Team, CUPE Labour Management, Absenteeism Committee and the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.  He is also accountable for all the non-labour budget for the organization.

He believes in fostering and open and positive working relationship with staff at all levels and tries to build capacity within others to achieve their goals.  He believes knowledge is power and strives to create critical thinkers in others for their personal growth and empowerment.  His favorite quote sums up his philosophy on life, “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Patti Lane MHA, CTRS

Innovation & Accountability Leader
Patti Lane

Patti Lane is a Certified Health Executive with the Canadian College of Health Leaders with a background in recreation as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.  Prior to her role at Ocean View, Patti worked as a recreation therapist and also managed recreation departments in long term care.  Patti holds a Bachelor of Arts in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Health Administration from Dalhousie University.

As the Innovation and Accountability Leader at Ocean View, Patti is responsible for the leadership of innovative projects and building capacity in the organization for sustainable current and future growth and support of the social enterprise.  Patti is responsible for leading Ocean Views’ community programs including the Neighbourhood Program, Adult Day Program, Foot Care Services and the Oceanside Café.  She also provides leadership for the development and sales of the J-Ro EZ Rest.

Patti is passionate about exploring new and innovative ways to provide care and supports that will enrich the lives of those we serve in our home and in the community.

 Steve Vincent  CPA 

 Director of Finance

Steve joined Ocean View in February of 2016 as the Director of Finance. With his CPA designation for 25 years, Steve brings senior management and financial experience from several industries, including public accounting, cooperatives, owner-manager businesses, as well as government organizations. Steve also brings to the table the ability to streamline processes, manage costs, prepare budgets and cash flow, and explore and evaluate new opportunities and systems.

Steve leads the Finance team at Ocean View. His team assists residents and their families with financial responsibilities while at Ocean View and ensure the organizations effectively uses and has financial resources to carry out its work towards its goals and in line with its values. The team is very innovative and proactively looks to find new solutions, processes and resources to grow the organization.

Susanne Landry BSCN, RN

Director of Resident Care

Susanne Landry

During Susanne’s 23 years in Nova Scotia’s health sector, she has had experience working in organizations whose mandate it is to improve the health of populations through ongoing health assessment and surveillance, health protection, disease and injury prevention, health promotion, and emergency preparedness. She has worked collaboratively with provincial committees, government departments, and in partnership with community based organizations to achieve various policy directives, program standards, guidelines and goals.

Susanne’s nursing background has provided experiences in urban and rural home care programs, public health nursing, and managing programs and staff in the private sector, health authority and provincial government. She is a master trainer for a certified program out of the University of Washington; and has worked as a clinical instructor with fourth year nursing students at Dalhousie University.

Susanne joined Ocean View in November, 2016, and was drawn to the community-governed aspect of the organization. As the Director of Resident Care, she is responsible for the leadership of all health services and clinical disciplines; and is accountable for the safe, efficient, and effective delivery of resident-focused care. The DOC role functions in a shared services model between Ocean View and The Birches Nursing Home in Musquodoboit Harbour.  This model provides opportunity for efficiencies, shared learning and processes for the day to day functions required of a long term care facility. She participates as part of the senior management team and assists with strategic planning and other initiatives in both organizations.

Her leadership style is driven by the desire to have impact and influence for the sake of achieving results. She honors keeping the client at the centre of planning and evaluation to ensure health outcomes are met. Susanne values the unique contributions that every member of the team makes toward achieving organizational goals. Her experience in community development has taught her how the needs of populations are ever-changing; demanding the need for flexibility, creativity and innovation.