For more than 5 years, Ocean View has been committed to helping seniors live well, wherever they call home. Recently, we’ve made some changes to even better serve those throughout HRM! Have you heard? The company formerly known as “Ocean View Support Services Ltd.” has a new name! We’re thrilled to introduce “Port City Home Services”!

As this Eastern-Passage-born business serves more and more seniors across HRM, we find ourselves needing a name that welcomes folks from across the municipality.

What else is different? Not much! When you call to make an appointment, you will still hear the same friendly voices who are eager to find out how we can help! And when it comes time for your appointment, you’ll be served by the same dedicated and well-trained staff! Clients will also be happy to hear that we’re still offering all of the same services that help them live well!

As we grow, Port City Home Services is still so proud of our Eastern Passage roots, and are still dedicated to supporting local seniors in this great community. Port City Home Services continues to be a trusted partner of Ocean View, and continues to support Ocean View’s work with revenue from Port City Home Services’ community services.

Port City Home Services clients can feel good knowing that when they book a service, they are supporting a not-for-profit social enterprise, and services that benefit local seniors!

“Living well” means something different to each of us, so Port City Home Services is thrilled to continue offering a wide variety of reliable services to help local seniors throughout HRM live well in their own home! Have a look at what Port City Home Services currently offers that might fit your needs, now and into the future. Or simply reach out at 902-407-2815 to learn more! Port City Home Services can’t wait to hear from you!