Vision 20/20

Ocean View has embarked on a new 5 year vision and strategy that will revolutionize the way we provide services in our community!

The facts are simple; there will be fewer tax dollars to contribute to care yet at the same time, the senior population in our province is on the upswing.  It is time to be proactive, not reactive. As an organization, we felt it was our responsibility to think globally.

We have developed a strategy that will ensure our community has the necessary care in the place they call home when the need arises. By creating opportunities and services that will support our ability to provide care, we will empower our neighbours to ultimately invest in their future healthcare! This strategy is ambitious, yes, however we feel it is necessary in order to continue to provide, comfort, care & compassion for those we serve.

Please take a moment to read ‘Vision 20/20 at a Glance’.

Vision 20/20 at a Glance.pdf

For further details regarding Ocean View Vision 20/20 please contact