For Staff: COVID-19 Updates

Dear Ocean View staff: At this time, we know there is an ever-growing amount of information about COVID-19 / Coronavirus in the media and on social media.

We urge you to rely on reliable sources of media at this time, including information shared by our Pandemic Outbreak Management Team (POMT).

All communications from the POMT are shared on itacit. You can find a quick link to itacit HERE.

For easy access, you can also download the itacit app on your phone (Apple or Android)! If you are new to the itacit app on mobile, it will ask you for the ‘Organization Code’. This is “”. Otherwise, your login information will be the same as it is on the computer!

Thank you for all you are doing to support those we serve during this challenging time. Our Board has shared a message of appreciation for you Here.

We will get through this together.