A Message of Appreciation for Our Staff

A Message to Our Valued Employees on April 14, 2020:

This past month COVID19 has changed the world in ways we did not think possible in our time. To say you have had to adapt to rapid changes in very little time would be an understatement. Your Board of Directors has been actively engaged in the story of your work through regular conversations with our President & CEO, Dion Mouland.

We have heard the stories of your tenacity, grace, and commitment. We have heard how you have stepped up to this challenge because of your love for those in our care. Its heartwarming to hear of your dedication to preparation and how you have changed your own lives significantly to support one another to come to work each day.

To say “thanks” seems insignificant. We feel the need to say much more to you for the work you are doing. We are proud of each one of you. You are a testament to the industry of longterm care. A testament to caring, compassion, and trust. Families are thankful that you are
there for loved ones……….and so are we!