Vaccination Update for Stakeholders – *updated Oct. 13 2021*

As per direction from the province, effective October 4, 2021: all individuals except staff and Designated Caregivers must be fully vaccinated to enter our facility. Proof of vaccination must be provided.

Effective November 30th, 2021 all designated caregivers and staff that visit or work in long term care will be required to be vaccinated in order to visit or work. 

Our team will be working on policies and procedures to implement these measures over the coming days and will keep you apprised of the roll out.  The announcement requires that we restrict entry into our premises of anyone that is not fully vaccinated by November 30th, 2021. We will be developing mechanisms for verifying vaccination status of the various folks and let you know more in the coming days.

We strongly encouraged everyone to get the COVID vaccine as it will be required to enter the premises of our facilities after November 30th, 2021.