Indoor / Outdoor Visits

*Specific Outbreak Related Restrictions may also be in place and would supersede any listed here. On our homepage, please scroll down to “Ocean View at a Glance” for any Outbreak related news.
*You may not enter our facility when you are required to self-isolate
. If you have been in an outbreak / high risk zone, we ask that you don’t visit the facility for 7 days.

Currently we are open to visitors in both the indoor and outdoor spaces. Currently you must continue to wear your mask while in the facility (unless in a specifically previously booked area). You are welcome to remove your mask while outdoors provided you are physically distanced at least 6 feet from residents, other than your loved one.

To book an indoor space you must contact the front desk for availability Mon – Fri 8:30 – 4:30. Spaces are limited so if you are able to take your loved one out for an off-site visit this may be a better option for you. Main telephone number for the front desk: (902) 465-6020, ext 2101.