Reopening Central Office

Updated: July, 2022

Our Central Office (133 Baker Drive) is open to visitors. In support of infection control, all incoming visitors will be asked to wear a mask (provided upon arrival), perform hand hygiene, and ensure physical distancing.

When visitors arrive, should there already be 2 persons in our front reception/waiting area, visitors are asked to wait outside until the receptionist waves them inside. We thank you in advance for your patience as this may cause slight delays.

If you plan on visiting Central Office, you are asked to call ahead and book a time to visit. You can use the phone list below to do so:

Reach us at 902-465-6020
Foot Care Clinic: Ext. 2301
Ocean View Finance: Ext. 2130
Human Resources: Ext. 2119
Central Office Reception: Ext. 2301

The following practices will also be in place to ensure infection prevention:
• We will continue to ensure physical distancing (2 metres) and frequent hand hygiene at Central Office.
• All incoming Central Office visitors will be screened for COVID-19 related symptoms and/or suspected exposure. Those with confirmed symptoms or suspected exposure will be referred to 811 and asked to reschedule their visit to Central Office.
• Specific practices will be put in place for Foot Care appointments at 133 Baker Drive/Central Office. Foot Care clients are asked to attend their appointment alone, wherever possible, and to arrive only 5-10 minutes before their schedule appointment. Further details will be shared when you book your appointment.

Thank you for your continued patience as we strive to support all those we serve while respecting infection prevention and control practices. We look forward to welcoming you back to our Central Office!