*Updated June 1st, 2022* Ocean View experiencing Outbreak

At this time our Shoreside, Harbourside, and Bayside neighbourhoods are in an outbreak of COVID-19, as declared by Public Health. This means :

  • These neighbourhoods are closed to general visitors and pets, but open to Designated Caregivers (DCGs), one at a time.
  • While on these neighbourhoods, staff and DCGs must wear UPPE (faceshields and masks).
  • Further PPE may be required for entering the rooms of some residents on these neighbourhoods.
  • Residents on these neighbourhoods are not able to go for offsite trips until further notice.

In addition to Shoreside and Harbourside, Bayside, and Seaside neighbourhood is now in a Covid-19 Outbreak as declared by Public Health.

This means that general visitors and pets are not permitted on all of these neighbourhoods.

Designated Caregivers can continue to visit one at a time.

Islandview and Skyview neighbourhoods can continue to receive general visitors.

Designated Caregivers can continue to visit with a maximum of three visitors (Designated Caregivers/General Visitors) at a time.

We will send updates as they are available.

Although life is returning to a new normal in the community and most restrictions are lifted, COVID-19 cases in the community continue to be quite high. Cases of COVID-19 and other illness that make their way into long term care will continue to require outbreak-related precautions and restrictions, as they always have. We know ongoing outbreaks are challenging and concerning for all, so we encourage folks who visit and work in our facility to continue taking precautions to prevent bringing COVID-19 and other illness into our facility.

*General visitors are permitted on all other neighbourhoods at this time, but please note that due to space restrictions within the facility and the continuing requirement of physical distancing in long term care, Ocean View continues to have a limit of 3 visitors at a time per resident (including Designated Caregivers). Additional PPE may be required on other neighbourhoods.

We recently extended our visitation hours on one additional weekday to allow more flexibility for visitors. Visitation hour will now be 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM each day, with the exception of TUESDAYS and Thursdays which will be 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM.