Spotlight on Carol – It’s CCA Week !

It’s #CCAWeek! We want to celebrate by shining a light on some of our own CCA’s here at Ocean View.

Meet Carol! Carol loves everything about being a CCA – “I enjoy everything about it actually. I enjoy caring for the residents, looking out for their best interests, just making sure they’re fed and cleaned, and happy. … Coming to work, it’s just something to look forward to. It’s like grandparents, you know. They’re my grandparents”.

Carol enjoys working at Ocean View because it’s a ‘family oriented place’. “Being from another country …. everybody is family to me. I have no family here, so they’re like my second family. I get along well with my coworkers, my bosses… if I have an issue, I can go talk to them, and they’re approachable. … I’m not gonna be leaving anytime soon”.

Thank you to Carol, and to all the CCA’s for your hard work and dedication in providing comfort and care to our residents.