Serial Testing at Ocean View

We are thrilled to share that Ocean View will be participating in serial testing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our team will have the opportunity to participate in biweekly COVID-19 swabbing at Ocean View.

– We ask that you please visit the Classroom during the time frames communicated on itacit/email. Please visit on a day that is typically on your work schedule so you can continue coming in every 2 weeks on the same day.

– It’s important for you to know that you will receive your results directly, so please make sure the contact information you share is correct!

– Please remember, those participating in serial testing must continue to self-monitor for symptoms! If you do have symptoms, follow the regular steps regardless of serial testing.

– A big thank you to those who have already had their first serial testing swab – you rock!

This is an important step in our local and provincial pandemic response, and we thank our team for joining us in this initiative.

We’re in this together, let’s all do our part!

See below for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Serial Testing at Ocean View :

Q: Why are we doing this?
The purpose of serial testing is to identify asymptomatic individuals. When they studied how outbreaks started and spread at other long term care facilities, it was found that those that brought it to the home were often asymptomatic. It is our hope that serial testing will help prevent this.

Q: How long will we be conducting serial testing?
The time frame when we will be performing serial testing is unknown. It can be assumed this will continue until further notice.

Q: If I have symptoms do I wait until my testing day?
No. If you are presenting with symptoms of COVID-19, please do not wait for your serial testing day – act right away and get tested for COVID-19.

Q: Will I be required to self-isolate?
No. Those who participate in serial testing will be tested and continue work/life as usual. Serial testing is a pro-active ongoing approach to monitor and identify asymptomatic individuals, so participation doesn’t require you to self-isolate.

Q: Is this good news?
Yes! We are thrilled to implement serial testing! This is another important piece of the puzzle to keep our residents and our community safe. We hope everyone is just as excited as we are, and embraces serial testing