Welcome Additions to our Team

Like all LTC homes, Ocean View is experiencing staff shortages like we have never seen. One of the challenges is working in a system where there is much more demand for direct care staff than there is supply.

One of the professions that contribute to the resident experience is the role of allied health professionals (OT/PT, recreation, etc). We recently provided funding internally for a Music Facilitator and have heard much positive stories of how this has positively impacted residents at Ocean View.

Starting today, we are also redistributing internal resources to hire an additional 3 full time PTA/OTA staff on a temporary basis for 9 months. This provides us with some time to work with the new Government to work on our chronic staffing shortages and rethinking the supports required in long term care.

The addition of these 3 full time OTA/PTA roles at Ocean View will allow us to have 1 full time person for each neighbourhood. Residents need an array of supports to live life to the fullest in long term care and we are sure this will have a positive impact to their daily life as well as supporting staff in their various roles!