Innovative Dental Health Project at Ocean View

Ocean View is excited to announce we are embarking on an innovative new project, with the support of Continuing Care Innovation Pilot funding, that we hope will benefit those we serve, as well as seniors within our community.

Dental care is truly important as we age. Many of the health problems that our senior populations tend to face – such as arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmorary disease (COPD) – may increase the risk of dental problems. Many seniors deal with tooth decay, gum disease, and even a prevalence of oral cancers.

Good dental health can positively impact our overall health as we age. By preventing tooth loss and pain, proper dental care can help us to continue eating nutritious, well-balanced diets without discomfort. Consistent dental care may also be linked to a decrease in the risk of aspiration pneumonia, heart disease, and stroke. We also know that good oral health can positively impact the overall self-esteem of our seniors, ultimately preventing increased social isolation.

We have found that seniors at Ocean View, and Eastern Passage as a whole, have limited availability to nearby dental services that are able to support those with advanced mobility challenges. Mobility, transportation, and support to and from appointments all become challenges for seniors if accessible dental services are only available at a great distance. Many of our local seniors only seek dental care in an emergency.

The goal of this project will be to create the space and infrastructure at 1909 Caldwell Rd. to support a dentistry service that can accommodate the specific mobility and other challenges our seniors face, as well as the partnerships with our dentistry community to make this a reality.

We look forward to providing our community with updates as this exciting initiative develops!