*Updated* Flooring Project

Making our building feel like home is important to us at Ocean View.

We are very proud to announce that we are moving forward with our flooring project to bring much-needed improvements to Shoreside and Harbourside neighborhoods for our residents and staff. As you may have read in our previous memo, we will be replacing the flooring on both neighborhoods with a “wood-look” vinyl flooring that is similar to the durable and home-like flooring found throughout the rest of the building. Our plan for the project will build on the successful flooring project planning we used for a similar project on Seaside and Bayside previously, incorporating lessons learned. We anticipate the flooring replacement will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.

To provide clear access for tradespeople to the areas where flooring will be removed/installed, and to complete the project as safely and quickly as possible, the project will involve relocating residents to temporary living spaces within Shoreside/Harbourside as well as some spaces throughout the building. The moving of residents to new temporary living spaces is anticipated to start February 7th.

Taking many factors into consideration, our project team has determined that the following spaces will be used as temporary living spaces for some of the residents who must be relocated: Physiotherapy Room, Skyview Lounge, Palliative Care “Deveaux” Room, Islandview Lounge, and Seaside Family Room.

As a result, during the project, our Physiotherapy services will be relocated to the Campbell Room. These other spaces (Skyview Lounge, Palliative Care “Deveaux” Room, Islandview Lounge, and Seaside Family Room) will be inaccessible to residents and visitors during the project (other than those temporarily relocated there).

Our goal in creating this plan was to ensure residents are moved as few times as possible, and are relocated to a space where they can live safely and comfortably during the project. Throughout the project, residents who will be relocated, as well as their next-of-kin, will be informed of their upcoming relocation to ensure a smooth transition. Next-of-kin will also be invited to be involved in packing their loved one’s belongings for the relocation in the days leading up to their specific move date.

Our project plan continues to evolve, and will be adjusted throughout in response to changes in timelines or issues emerging. To lessen the impact to life at Ocean View, much of the project work will happen overnight so residents can use dining and living areas during the day.

Recent updates:

The flooring project is going well, with crews slightly ahead of schedule. Harbourside West and East corridors and respective resident rooms are completed, and night work is beginning on the Harbourside common living and dining areas.

The Project Team continue to work on the many fine details needed to make this project move along as safely and efficiently as possible. As of this date, our projected date for completed installation is May 3rd, 2019.

Please stay tuned for more updates!