Main Line: (902) 465-6020

Community Clients are welcome to call our main line, or if you know the specific program you’d like to discuss, you can call:

In-Home Support: Ext. 2301
Foot Care Program: Ext. 2301
Ride Program: Ext. 2301

Ocean View Long Term Care
Neighbourhood Nursing Stations:

Seaside: Ext. 2128
Bayside: Ext. 2139
Shoreside: Ext. 2125
Harbourside: Ext. 2113
Islandview: Ext. 2120
Skyview: Ext. 2122

Other key Ocean View Departments:

Staffing: 471-2781
Admissions and Client Engagement Leader:
Ext. 2142
Finance Office
: Ext. 2130
Payroll: Ext. 2123
Maintenance: Ext. 2617
Volunteer Services: Ext. 2175