Updated Restrictions Dec. 17

As we are sure you know, COVID-19 numbers are once again rising and the government is introducing new restrictions. At this time we wanted to share a few of these new restrictions as we understand them. We suspect new information will become available to us in coming days, so please keep an eye on our website for further updates.

– Residents are permitted to have two (2) visitors at a time. This limit includes Designated Caregivers. It does not need to be the same two (2) visitors each time.

– It is recommended but not required that visitors be rapid tested within 24 hours of the visit where possible.

– Masking and physical distancing are required during visits. Residents may have a brief close contact with visitors, such as a hug, but then need to maintain physical distancing for the remainder of the visit.

– Unvaccinated residents are no longer allowed to leave the facility at this time, except for medical appointments.