Regional Care Unit Ready for Admissions at Ocean View

The province has recognized the need to support long term care (LTC) homes differently to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Regional Care Units will allow LTC residents who are ill with COVID-19 to be transferred to a space where they can be cared for by teams who are specially focused on COVID-19 infection prevention and care.

Ocean View in Eastern Passage has been chosen to manage the Regional Care Unit (RCU) for the central region, and is thrilled to announce that the RCU is now ready for admissions.

“As an organization whose vision is to be the community of choice for Nova Scotian’s needing support, we feel it’s our duty to be a part of this solution,” says Dion Mouland, Ocean View President & CEO, “We have worked with our partners at Department of Health and Wellness and Nova Scotia Health to aggressively recruit staff for the Unit, and are thrilled to announce that we now have the right staff mix in place to open the Regional Care Unit.”

The staff team will include nurses, CCAs, and facility support staff who will operate the RCU as a stand-alone unit. They will work in a space that has been totally prepared to support them in their important work. Technology has been put in place, physician coverage is ready, and Personal Protective Equipment and supplies are fully stocked.

Ocean View has also worked with Nova Scotia Health Infection Prevention and Control experts to ensure the RCU is ready to properly and safely care for long term care residents who are ill with COVID-19.

“We are so proud of all of the folks we have recruited to take this on, both internally and from the community. They truly are the real life healthcare heroes our community needs right now,” says Madeline Kubiseski, Ocean View Interim Director of Innovation & Accountability, “Together, we are ready to step in to the important work of caring for those who are most vulnerable.”

More information about the Regional Care Unit at Ocean View can be found on their website at