Deliveries of Items to Residents

*At all times, we ask that you DO NOT deliver items to Ocean View that are coming from a household where individuals are required to self-isolate or are symptomatic.

Update: Dec. 14, 2020

As we move forward together through this very unique time, we’re always looking at what changes can be made to balance risk and quality of life for our residents. Recently, based on carefully considered feedback from families, and discussions with Public Health, we have decided that items will NO LONGER NEED TO BE QUARANTINED when they are delivered for a resident.

With this change, there will be a couple of ways to drop-off gifts and items to residents:

– Designated Caregivers and Visitors can bring items with them when they enter the facility. If the item is a perishable item, it must be a single serving that the resident can consume during the visit. We will not be able to store any leftover portions, they will need to be discarded. (Please remember, because of the need for visitors to wear masks, the visitor cannot share the item with the resident.)

– Loved ones can also still set up a drop-off time outside of the above-mentioned visits by calling reception in advance at 902-465-6020 ext. 0 and bringing the item at the agreed upon time to our front entrance in a clear bag, labelled with the resident’s name!

An example of a proper drop-off bag for deliveries.