Ocean View receives confirmation of positive staff case of COVID-19

We have been committed to keeping you informed throughout the pandemic. With this in mind, at this time we want to inform our Ocean View community that we have received confirmation of one positive case of COVID-19 in a staff person at our facility. The positive staff person is out of the workplace at this time.

At this time, direction from the Chief Medical Officer of Health advises us that this positive case does NOT constitute an official outbreak within our facility. For this reason, we are sure you will be grateful to hear that we currently require no major changes to restrictions for our residents or Designated Caregivers.

We know this may be a bit confusing for residents and families, as our recent experience with a positive case in a staff person was much different and required many major restrictions. The change is a result of evolving knowledge about COVID-19 epidemiology and best practice.

Despite not being in an official outbreak, we will continue, as always, to focus on the infection prevention and control practices that have supported us throughout the pandemic. We will continue to do all we can to keep our residents, staff and community safe.