Mothers Day 2020 at Ocean View

As Mother’s Day approaches, we know this year is unlike any other for the loved ones of our residents. Although a big loving hug is not possible at this time, we want you to feel like you can connect with Mom this weekend and show her your love

To make this possible, we’ll be booking times for family members to “visit” through our back window on Saturday, May 9th or Sunday, May 10th.

To ensure physical distancing both inside and outside the facility, we’ll be booking times in advance for those two days! To book a time, please call 902-465-6020 on Friday May 8th and choose “0” to speak to our receptionist!

As you know, we now have two phones in our Sun Lounge to allow you to see your loved one through the glass while calling from our back parking lot, so be sure to bring along your cell phone!

Not able to come in person? We also still have devices available for residents to connect with you through Skype, Facetime, etc. and will have extra staff on-deck Friday and Saturday to help with these kind of calls – please reach out in advance to 902-465-6020 ext. 2175 if you want to schedule a time to chat with Mom via Skype, Facetime, etc on those days!