CGO NS Membership

The Community Governed Nursing Home Society of Nova Scotia, commonly referred to as “CGO” is a non-profit association founded in 2011 to support Nursing Homes in Nova Scotia that are community governed (Formally referred to as Non-Profit). CGO represents 31 organizations and over 80% of the ‘non-profit’ beds in Nova Scotia. On a volunteer and non-profit basis the objectives of the CGO group are:

1. Provide Networking Opportunities for Governors of Community Governed Organizations to learn and grow together in the provision of Long-Term Nursing Home Care in Nova Scotia.

2. Provide Opportunities for management and leadership of Nova Scotia’s Community Governed Organizations to net work with peers facing common situations.

3. Provide a forum for organizations to explore building capacity among organizations of similar governance models.

4. Increase the competence and confidence of both Board and Management structures through the sharing of risk, quality, ethical, and financial management best practices.

5. To increase the understanding of the uniqueness of the Community Governed organization model and support similar organizations in how to operate efficiently and effectively.

6. Advocate for the residents and staff within the Nova Scotia Nursing Home System.

Please click here for a short information video on CGO NS.