Announcement: Ocean View to host Regional Care Unit

The province has recognized the need to support long term care (LTC) homes differently to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Regional Care Units will allow LTC residents who are ill with COVID-19 to be transferred to a space where they can be cared for by teams who are specially focused on COVID-19 infection prevention and care.

For a variety of reasons, Ocean View in Eastern Passage has been chosen to manage a Regional Care Unit. This Regional Care Unit (RCU) may care for residents from a number of local nursing homes, should they fall ill with COVID-19.

“As an organization whose vision is to be the community of choice for Nova Scotian’s needing support, and with values of innovation and collaboration, we feel it’s our duty to be a part of this solution,” says Dion Mouland, Ocean View President & CEO, “Through conversation with our team and residents over the past weeks, we have been pleased and proud to hear that they also believe it is our duty to help in this way.”

The RCU at Ocean View will operate as a stand-alone unit, totally separated from Ocean View resident care areas and accessible only through exterior doors and a secure tunnel. Ocean View successfully managed a single case of COVID-19 during the first wave in this way, preventing spread to the rest of the building.

Ocean View has worked with Infection Prevention and Control consultants in the planning of the RCU, and are confident in their assessment that it can be operated safely on their property.

“We need our community to know that we care deeply for the safety of our residents, staff and community. We would not have agreed to operate the RCU on our property if we did not believe we could do it in a safe way,” says Mouland, “We look forward to continuing to offer exceptional care to our residents, and to these new folks who need our support.”

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