Ocean View Stories

Feature Article: Assisted Death in Canada

What We know as of January 13th, 2016

  • In February 2015 the Supreme Court passed a ruling that “desperately suffering Canadians have a constitutional right to Doctor Assisted suicide”.

  • The ruling applies broadly to individuals in cases of major disease, illness, or disability that inflicts “intolerable physical or psychological suffering”.

  • The Newly elected Liberal Government (Federal) has request a “stay” allowing for 6 months to develop legislation on this issue.

Our Green Thumb: Owen Blois!

A dairy farmer his whole life in Upper Nine  Mile River, NS, Owen Blois knows a thing or two about cultivating the land. When Owen was only a teenager, he stepped up to the plate on his family farm, investing in his future, learning the trade that would eventually become his livelihood.

Ocean View at a Glance

Ocean View has been part of the community of Eastern Passage since 1967. Ocean View Continuing Care Centre is home to approximately 176 Residents and was originally owned by the Halifax County Municipality. The OVCCC Society was formed in 1999. Ocean View now operates as a not-for-profit society under the direction of a Board of Directors.

Feature Story: Jack's Journey

For almost 50 years, Ocean View’s brand has been synonymous with providing comfort, care and compassion for those they serve.  Ocean View services are not limited to nursing home care.  With a new strategic plan dubbed “Vision 20/20”, Ocean View has a vision to be the ‘Community of Choice for Nova Scotians Needing Support in the Place they call Home’. One service provided by Ocean View that enables the organization to provide this kind of support is the Adult Day Program.  This program provides a safe and comforting environment for it’s participants and gives caregivers much needed respite.

Meet Jack and Janet Rowe.  They have been married for 55 years,  raised three wonderful children and have two very special grand children  who they cherish. They have lived a very wonderful and fulfilling life, with their career paths have bringing them as far away as the Bahamas and Hong Kong.