Ocean View Continuing Care Centre


When living in a long term care home, having a sense of community is essential. Resident rooms are organized into six distinct neighbourhoods, located on the first, third and fourth floors.

Arrange a Tour

If you have any questions about moving into Ocean View, or would like a tour, you are invited to contact the Social Worker at 902-465-6020 ext 2142.

Guest Rates and Services

Standard Accommodation rates are set by the Department of Health Continuing Care Branch www.gov.ns.ca/health/ccs/ltc.asp When annual adjustments to the charges are made, you will be informed.

Recreation and Leisure

Recreation provides quality recreation and leisure activities in an endeavour to meet the wishes of all residents. In the Community Room, the team organizes activities & programs for residents in a larger, social setting.

Moving In

A move into Ocean View Continuing Care Centre is facilitated through Single Entry Access. All prospective residents are required to make application by calling the Continuing Care Office. The toll free number is 1-800-225-7225.

What to Bring

Each resident is provided with a bed, bedside table and bureau. The Social Worker will provide you information and guidance about what items, equipment, and clothing you should bring with you.

The following items will make your room feel more like home:

  • comforter/quilt/pillow
  • favourite pictures/family photographs
  • ornaments
  • portable television (with earphones)
  • radio (with earphones)
  • telephone

The following is a list of items that are not permitted for safety reasons:

Opinions Matter

Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of all those who interact with Ocean View. A variety of options are available for each resident to: obtain information, raise concerns, make a suggestion, or to share a compliment regarding the quality of care and services.


Family and friends are encouraged to visit often. Plenty of free parking is available.

Children should be supervised by an adult. There is a play area off the main sun lounge for children.

Family pets on a leash can visit.

Ocean View offers a variety of places to have a visit such as the sun lounge, Campbell Room, and family rooms. There are also wonderful outdoor areas such as the

gazebo and the courtyards. The paved access road provides a safe, level surface to walk along and enjoy the ocean view.


Exterior doors are alarmed for the security of residents and staff, and are locked at 7:00pm. Residents and visitors may access the building trough the front door after 7:00pm by making arrangements with the staff.

Gifts Tips

Tips for family and friends:

  • Permanently label any gift with the resident’s name


Good Communication can help improve safety.

Safe Movement and Equipment Safety

Only OVCCC staff is allowed to use equipment (ie. lifts, tubs) to help care for you or your loved one.

Use the call bell when you need assistance.

Learn safe ways to move around when going out (e.g. transferring into a car, walking outdoors, & wheeling outdoors). The Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy staff are available to teach you about safe movement.

A marked 15 minute pick up and drop off parking space is available beside the front door.

Always use footrests when using a wheelchair or pushing a wheelchair.

Least Restraint

The need for restraints is guided by a care plan created by the interdisciplinary team which has been discussed with the resident or resident’s substitute decision maker. Since the use of restraints can contribute to a range of serious consequences our least restraint approach includes restraint alternatives.

Infection Prevention and Control

Residents are susceptible to illness. Washing your hands is the best way to prevent and control infection. Waterless hand wash stations are available throughout the building. Therefore, we also strongly encourage family and friends not to visit if they are sick and recommend that everyone get an annual “flu shot”.

Medication Safety

Medication safety is a joint effort between Residents, staff, and families. We have systems in place to ensure accurate administration of medications, including regular reviews of each resident’s medication regime.
Do not take or offer your family member medications which were not prescribed before checking with a staff member. Even over-the-counter medications or herbal/natural products can be harmful if they are taken without being monitored.

Emergency Preparedness

OVCCC has fire alarm and sprinkler systems in place as well as fire and emergency plans. All staff members participate in emergency training including regularly scheduled drills. Should the fire alarm sound, residents will be directed/evacuated in the safest, most efficient manner. Residents and visitors are requested to stay in the immediate area and wait for directions from staff.

Help keep exits, doorways, and hallways clear. Items such as mobility aids and supplies could delay response and evacuation procedures during an emergency.

Food Safety

Please do not share food with another resident – it may not be safe for him/her to eat (e.g. allergies, at risk for choking).

Family members are responsible to reheat perishable food that they have brought in for their loved ones.

Only non-perishable food can be kept in residents’ rooms, in a sealed container. Refrigerators are not permitted in resident’s rooms.

Proper handwashing is required before handling food and safe food handling guidelines should be followed at all times.

Scented Products and Smoking

Scented products

Scented products release chemicals which can trigger reactions in people with asthma, migraines, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. Your efforts to restrict/reduce the use of scented products such as perfumes, cologne, hairspray, fabric softener, deodorant, and laundry detergent are appreciated. Please keep this in mind when purchasing gifts for residents and when visiting.


Ocean View has a smoke-free policy for employees and visitors.

Protection for Persons in Care

Ocean View is committed to providing an environment that is free of abuse. We have established procedures for reporting and investigating abuse, and taking corrective action when necessary. Our zero tolerance of abuse is guided and supported by the Protection of Persons in Care Act.


Everyone at Ocean View Continuing Care Centre has a role in safety, regardless of their role.

Every staff member, resident, friend, family member and volunteer can help to ensure that Ocean View remains a safe environment for all.

Safety and Risk Management provides support in identifying and reducing or eliminating safety concerns and risks that could negatively affect the quality of resident care. These risks may include the following, to name just a few: equipment maintenance, food service, finance, infection control, restraint use, medications and resident falls.

Code of Conduct

Behaviour that compromises safety and is disruptive is prohibited and will not be tolerated.  This includes but is not limited to:

Privacy Statement

Ocean View Continuing Care Centre Society has established Privacy Policies to ensure that personal information of residents, employees, and volunteers is protected and that all our practices and procedures are consistent with best practices and legal requirements.
The policies are based on the privacy principles of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

We invite you to address any questions you have about personal information or our policies to our Privacy Officer.

Parking Enforcement at OVCCC

Ocean View Continuing Care Centre will be taking an active role in parking enforcement on our grounds. Parking in non-designated spots have been an issue at OVCCC for some time. A few examples of these parking violations and the problems the cause are listed below: